When did you begin working at ROAR Logistics and what made you want to work there? I started in September of 2023. I found ROAR when searching for positions in my degree field and I was initially interested after learning about the position. However, what made me really want to work here was the inviting attitude of everyone I met during the interview process and the description of the work environment where you could both work and have fun. I definitely haven’t been disappointed yet.

What is your job title and describe your position at ROAR Logistics? I am a Logistics Coordinator. In my position, I spend time building loads, which entails processing shipment information provided by customers so that the road team can find carriers to ship grocery products to their destinations, as well as scheduling appointments for those loads. Additionally, I resolve issues that arise with those shipments and report any damages. The most important part of my position, however, is maintaining positive relationships with our awesome customers. I always enjoy interacting with them.

How have you grown in your position / how do you hope to grow in the future? Being new here at ROAR, I feel that I’ve grown a lot in a short time. When I started, I didn’t have much knowledge of the industry outside of some general knowledge from my education, but now I’ve earned more independence and continue to search for more efficient ways to solve day-to-day problems. I hope to continue to learn more about the responsibilities of my position, so that I can continue to be innovative and improve the procedures in place.

Describe what it’s like working on a team at ROAR and how this has been beneficial to you: Working at ROAR has been great! Everyone I’ve interacted with has been friendly and willing to help. You will never find anyone without a positive attitude, which makes learning new tasks much easier. I’ve never had trouble making friends here, which makes coming into work enjoyable, and as an added bonus there are a number of Buffalo sports fans who are great to chat with. I truly value all the new relationships I’ve made here, and I look forward to seeing what comes next!

What is the craziest challenge you’ve had to overcome on the job? I haven’t seen everything yet I’m sure, but so far, the craziest challenge I’ve dealt with was weather related. Due to winter weather in the Midwest, I had to reschedule several loads while keeping up with driver issues as they came up and my usual scheduling requirements, all without my normal account partner who was out of the office unexpectedly. It was a bit hectic, but also a rewarding experience, as I was able to see how far I’ve come since that first day I started.