1) When did you begin working at ROAR Logistics and what made you want to work there?

I began working at ROAR as a Logistics Coordinator in February of 2020. In late 2019, I was looking for a better opportunity, and I mentioned to my mom that I was interested in joining the company. After an interview with Aubrey and a short tour of the Houston office, I knew that ROAR would be a perfect fit!

2) What is your job title and describe your position at ROAR Logistics.

I am currently a Customer Operations Representative. In my day to day, I am responsible for bookings, dispatching, and tracking shipments while building on both new and existing customer/carrier relationships. On top of dispatching, our international team is constantly working on spots quotes, customer bids and working on market pricing to confirm that we’re providing our customers with the best possible price.  International Drayage is always changing – I quickly learned that multitasking and problem solving are skills that are crucial to not only be successful, but to survive in our fast-paced world!

3) How have you grown in your position / how do you hope to grow in the future?

When I first started at ROAR, I had little to no knowledge about the industry. I began assisting in data entry and tracking, as the Account Managers / Customer Operations Representatives handle the more day-to-day. Throughout my first couple of months, I  was constantly trying to soak in as much knowledge as I could by always asking the why. With the help of my colleagues and management, I was able to grow into the position I am in today. Not only in Drayage, but also with speaking to the Domestic OTR team, Obtaining my Certified Transportation Broker certificate (CTB), and educating myself on Specialized equipment (ISO Tanks). These combined experiences have allowed me to grow my knowledge of the industry as whole, as well as become a better member of the Houston International team. I look forward to continuing to learn the different aspects of this business and growing as a member of the team.

4) Describe what it’s like working on a team at ROAR and how this has been beneficial to you.

My favorite thing about working at ROAR is the team environment! In the Houston office, everyone is treated as family. The culture in this office is something that everyone dreams to work for one day. With our current team being only 6 members, we are constantly jumping in and assisting each other when needed and providing insight and help. Helping and having each other’s back not only helps us grow in business, but also helps us grow closer as a team.

5) What is the craziest challenge you’ve had to overcome on the job?

As the Covid 19 pandemic hit the US, the Houston office was sent to work remotely permanently until further notice. This was a challenge to myself, as I had only been with the company with very minimal knowledge and jumped into taking on multiple accounts due to a colleague’s departure. I was trying to learn the industry, while also trying to learn and keep up with the  different challenges faced at the different Port/Rail ramps in each market. The pandemic caused daily changes, with port delays, equipment shortages, labor strikes, and much more! Luckily, with the help of my previous team lead, colleagues, vendors, and sales reps, I was able to not only get a grasp on the market, but get a full understanding of the true definition of logistics!