What is your team in charge of? 

Our Dallas team handles accounts door to door by rail from the East Coast to the West Coast and from Canada and Mexico to various locations in and out of the states.

How has working on a team been beneficial to you?

Having a team like ours is unique. We have the same work ethics and always put the customer first. Our team is verse and when someone is out on vacation, we all help to fill the gap. Our Dallas team has 3 outbound and 3 inbound coordinators, and each person has accounts that they are responsible for. When there is an absence, we forward the team a turnover report so that we all know what is going on. This is beneficial to each one of us because we can go on vacation and not have to worry that our customers are being taken care of.

What has been the most challenging experience that your team has had to overcome together?

The most challenging experience that we had to overcome together was the transition from working from home. We have made it seamless to the customers, but it was the initial set up and getting used to not seeing our co-workers daily that was difficult. However, we utilize teams and zoom and meet once a month to keep us close to one another.

How does your team work hard and also play hard?

Our team works hard and we play hard too. As you can tell from the photo above, Halloween is our favorite time of the year!!

Share the funniest moment your team has experienced working at ROAR so far:

The funniest moment our team experienced working at ROAR was when everyone came down to Dallas. We went out to eat at the Culper Steak House and took this picture below all ROARING together.