When did you begin working at ROAR Logistics and what made you want to work there?

I started working with ROAR on July 12th, 2021. I was a customer of Kelly Z., and we developed a great working relationship together. She always commented on how great ROAR was to work for. At that time, I was looking for a change from my current position. I have currently been in transportation for more than 20 years.

What is your job title and describe your position at ROAR Logistics:

I am currently an account manager. I oversee all freight for Kelly. I also assist Amy, a new hire and green to the industry in learning all aspects of transportation. I handle all the follow up with the customers and the carriers on the delivering side. I monitor all loads to make sure that we can keep margin erosion at bay for ROAR, customers, and the carrier.

How have you grown in your position / how do you hope to grow in the future?

In all my years of transportation I have been able to avoid the 40ft doomist freight. That is no longer the case, I still have a lot to learn and am grateful for the team that has helped me along the way to learn it quickly. I hope to become stronger in that area and be a part of that portion growing. ROAR has a lot of expertise on the small box product.

Describe what it’s like working on a team at ROAR and how this has been beneficial to you:

Transportation is changing every day. I feel that you must be able to adapt quickly to the changes and not stay settled in old ways. With every person, personality, and wide variety of backgrounds at ROAR, we are able to learn a lot from each other. I think that’s what sets us apart from other companies – We are placed in positions that one can excel in and grow.

I think ROAR is a wonderful place to work. I am grateful for the supportive leadership and salespeople who provide assistance to make everyday flow better. I am hopeful to build and grow accounts with the sales team and develop new partnerships with carriers. I hope that with my training throughout the years, I will be able to help others learn and find better ways to improve processes and growth.

What is the craziest challenge you’ve had to overcome on the job?

This has been the first time that I have ever worked in transportation where parts of the duties are spread amongst different people. I have always handled loads cradle to grave. It has been good in some areas to be able to not be bogged down with different parts of the workload that can become time consuming. Letting go of that control was very hard for me originally.