1. What is your team in charge of?

The ROAR Houston office handles domestic over the road freight as well as drayage shipments for import & export freight throughout the different ports and rails in the US. Our team is responsible for providing transportation solutions for our clients while delivering a seamless customer service experience.

2) How has working on a team been beneficial to you?

Working on this team has been beneficial to each one of us as we are able to bounce ideas, solutions, problems, and suggestions off one another. We each come from different backgrounds and have various years of experience across the supply chain industry. Working together helps us provide the upmost, top-notch service to our customers, our carriers and our co-workers!

3) What has been the most challenging experience that your team has had to overcome together?

Our team has increased in size cross divisionally. During this period of growth, we rearranged our teams to better service our clients. Each individual member’s unique skillset was taken into consideration before assigning them their team function. Transitioning into a new job function or new team setting can be a challenge for any individual, let alone reshuffling an entirely new team lineup; but our teams were equal to the task and quickly transitioned into their new duties. Our clients have never been happier!

4) How does your team work hard and also play hard?

Our team follows the “Do It Now” motto. When faced with challenges, we overcome them head on when a situation arises. We “Do It Now” so the customer does not become aware of any complications affecting their freight. Our team enjoys taking a break to compete at a game of pool or darts in the rec room. The teams also enjoy listening to music while working. We have regular office outings so that the team can get to know each other outside of the office environment.

5) Share the funniest moment your team has experienced working at ROAR so far:

The team likes to play jokes on each other to keep the mood light! This is a daily occurrence! At one of our regular office events, our CEO and Leadership Team joined us for a fun night of bowling. Turns out, running a large company does nothing to help you win when your signature throw is a gutter ball!

It’s a well-known fact that everything is bigger in Texas! One day a Texas Tree Roach invited itself into the office and decided to crawl up the wall closest to Christian. Per Christian, he and Sookie were “scared for their lives” as the dictyopteran decided to eavesdrop on their job performances. A few minutes later, though what seemed like an eternity, John Jackson Jr. swooped in with his steel toe boots and gave the intruder a one-way ticket to Valhalla.