1) What is your team in charge of?

Our WEST Team, is a service-driven team of brokers, acting as intermediaries between shippers and carriers, for all freight coming out of any state West of the Mississippi. We use our connections with carriers to help shippers get their loads covered at better prices, with a focus on customer service.

2) How has working on a team been beneficial to you?

Matt : Working on a team allows us to play off each other’s skills and knowledge

Garrett : Working together, we’ve been able to collaborate, create solutions and correct each other’s mistakes, which has helped us sidestep any future errors.

Bryce : Being part of this team has helped me grow. Our team supports positive morale, our team lead gives us feedback and recognition, and I have improved my communication skills through team coaching and mentorship with my fellow associates.

Greg : Working together with the same goals in mind, our team has created efficient and productive strategies, utilizing everyone’s skills, ideas, and experiences to daily, innovate new ways of approaching our Team’s obstacles, which has saved me time and provided me with more focus on getting the job done.

Nick : Recognizing each individual associates’ unique skills and giving us the space to shine in our own roles, has created an environment within our team based on mutual respect and cooperation that has really benefitted the whole team.

3) What has been the most challenging experience that your team has had to overcome together?

Chad : Markets are ever-changing, and with customers expecting to get shipments faster, with more flexibility, profitability under strain, with rising gas prices and fluctuating capacity, we have had to focus on establishing strong relationships with key customers and carriers; keeping our ear on the markets and continue to actively find innovative solutions to the market.

4) How does your team work hard and also play hard? 

Meaghan (Operations Team Lead) : There is a buzz in the air about the enthusiastic and energetic work environment at ROAR, which has encouraged honest and open discussion and trust between our associates. We have various company sports teams and activities, such as basketball, hockey, baseball, bubble hockey, golf, kick-ball and bowling teams. We enjoy food trucks, an outdoor lounge, and working-out together in our incredible fitness center. The WEST Team has monthly Team Nights, which have ranged from Bowling Nights, Curling, Happy Hours, Team Dinners, Sporting Events: from Hockey to Football to WWE nights, and many, many nights out together at concerts. It may look like we play more than we work, but our team activities have allowed us to feel more encouraged and appreciated, and coming in to work feeling refreshed and reenergized.

5) Share the funniest moment your team has experienced working at ROAR so far:

The WEST Team is a 40+ hour-a-week comedy sitcom. We could not pin down just one funny moment we have shared together, but we will just say that if you were on our team, you would join a cast of characters who have incredible comedic chemistry as a team. Humor is definitely not an underrated asset at ROAR, which has been cultivated and encouraged from the top, from our President, Robert Rich III, whom you’ll often see walking through our office, encouraging us to laugh more, smile more and to have fun at work!