1) When did you begin working at ROAR Logistics and what made you want to work there? 

I had just gotten laid off from a start-up company that I was working for right out of college, so I was unemployed and looking for work. My mother (who works for Rich’s) recommended I reach out to Bob Rich III and see if they were hiring. I had no idea what a 3PL brokerage was about, but I remember interviewing and just saying – if you can keep me busy where I am not staring at the clock all day and watching the minutes tick by, then I’m more than excited to join your team.

2) What is your job title and describe your position at ROAR Logistics :

National Account Manager. I market our services to current and prospective clients and offer pricing for logistics solutions to them in return for their business. 

3) How have you grown in your position / how do you hope to grow in the future? 

Way back in 2015, I was manually scanning in contracts, requesting updated insurance certifications, and doing check calls. I moved into Ops shortly after, and was on the phones covering freight. I transitioned over to a CSR position working directly with our salesmen and our customers. Over time I developed relationships with accounts (both new & old), and grew those customers, all while honing my skills at pricing and relationship building. Eventually in 2019 I formally moved to full time sales and into my current position. 

Future growth really comes down to efficiency for me. My goals for the future are to get bigger while getting better. As ROAR grows, I would like to continue to procure freight and customers, all while focusing on what is best for our company and customers.

4) Describe what it’s like working on a team at ROAR and how this has been beneficial to you :

Simply put, this is a TEAM game…it’s impossible to be successful without a surrounding cast. There are so many moving parts in this freight business, we need timely communication and people who work quickly and are decisive… that’s so important. I’ve worked in a bunch of different facets of this business, each with people who play such an important role in the whole process. It’s hectic, it’s frustrating, and no day is ever the same… that’s what is so addicting about it. 

5) What is the craziest challenge you’ve had to overcome on the job?

ROAR Buffalo has never had an organically produced National Account Manager. There was no formal path for me to get to the position I am in now. The challenges of trying to grow a book of business and develop customers all while doing my “actual job” was extremely stressful, challenging, and taxing.