ROAR Logistics Pledges To Deliver Buffalo’s Water Donation to Flint - ROAR Logistics

ROAR Logistics Pledges To Deliver Buffalo’s Water Donation to Flint

Jan 27, 2016 | Alerts/Bulletins, Press Releases

Buffalo, N.Y., January 27, 2016 – ROAR Logistics has joined ‘Operation H2O,’ a mission organized by Buffalo’s True Bethel church to send clean water to residents of Flint, Michigan. ROAR will cover the transportation costs associated with delivering every case of water the church can collect by Thursday, January 28.

“When I heard that the congregation at True Bethel Church was planning to drive the water donation down to Michigan themselves, I knew that ROAR Logistics and our trucking partners could step-in and help with the transportation portion of this operation,” said Robert Rich III, President, ROAR Logistics, Inc. “Transportation is our business and we’re going to provide the truck, the man-power and expertise necessary to safely load and transport the clean water to Michigan, and we’ll cover all of the transportation costs.”

ROAR, a leading third party logistics provider and global freight forwarder, is working with George Campbell Trucking to coordinate and cover the costs of the trip to Michigan. Rich urges Western New Yorkers to come together to help Michigan residents, and every bottle of water counts for this community in crisis.

“Right now we’ve arranged for one truck to make the trip to Michigan, but we’re committed to taking as much water as this community can gather,” said Rich. “As long as the water shows-up, we’ll make sure it gets to Michigan, even if that means getting more trucks.”

The first truck is scheduled to arrive at True Bethel on Wednesday, January 27, to begin loading the water. Donations will be accepted at True Bethel’s main church located at 907 East Ferry Street, and at its 472 Swan St. location until Thursday. Rich says the ROAR Logistics team will ensure that the precious water supply is carefully loaded onto the 53’ truck, which can hold approximately 2500 cases of water, or up to 44,000 pounds of water.

ROAR Logistics is a subsidiary of the Buffalo-based global food manufacturer, Rich Products.

“The concept of Bettering Our Communities has been a longstanding value across Rich Products and at ROAR Logistics,” said Rich. “What we’re doing here goes way beyond company values. We know that there are thousands of families just a few hours away from us that are in desperate need of clean water and we can do something about that. We cannot overlook this opportunity to help.”